It’s wedding galore in tinsel town!!

Manjima and Goutham
Hansika and Sohael
Harish and Narmada
Nayan and vikki

It looks like wedding bells and lots of love in the air for many in tinsel town this year. It all started with south lady superstar Nayanthara’s wedding to her longtime boyfriend Director Vignesh Sivan in June. They apparently sold their wedding ceremony video rights to Netflix which was talk of the town then.

Biggboss fame Harish Kalyan got hitched to Narmada Udayakumar this month. This is an arranged marriage as quoted by Harish Kalyan himself. She is an entrepreneur and Founder of, a social media and branding agency.

‘Kutty Khushbu’ Hansika Motwani married her fiancée’ Sohael Khaturia in a grand fashion on December 4, 2022, at a Jaipur Palace. Soheal is also her business partner. It’s a second marriage for Sohael. He was previously married to a close friend of Hansika. Hansika is seen in his first wedding. The video clips showing Hansika in his previous wedding is doing the rounds virally. Hansika’s wedding will also be streamed, the dates will be announced soon.

Manjima Mohan and Gautam Karthik tied the knot on Nov 28, 2022. They both apparently became friends first while shooting for movie ‘Devarattam’ and the relationship blossomed into love later. Manjima kept denying the dating rumours, but Gautham confirmed his love for Manjima in a tweet earlier 👇🏻

Manjima and Goutham Karthik

Rumours are rife with Tamannaah Batias secret wedding plans with a Mumbai based businessman. But no official confirmation yet. But She has denied all rumours about her wedding. We hear Boys fame Siddharth and Aditi hydari are dating. Let’s hope to hear wedding bells from them too🤓.

Sai Pallavi the dancing Super Star

The meek medico turned actor is a growing sensation. Not because she is drop dead gorgeous, but for the fact that she is a breath of fresh air amidst the highly perfect beauties of tinsel town. She is rather a girl next door face with all its imperfections. What is more captivating about her is her guileless look that’s endearing to the masses.

No doubt, she is a dancing gazelle who found her foot in the industry due to her dancing prowess with hit numbers like ‘rowdy baby’ from Mari 2, ‘vachinde’ from Fidaa and many many more.

People’s craze for Saipallavi is more like one that of a hero’s. More commercially sought after heroines like Rashmika or Keerthi Suresh are left spell bound and queasy with the response for Sai Pallavi. ‘Pushpa’ director Sukumaran in a new movie launch event called her the ‘Lady Pavan Kalyan’ which cannot be ignored as mere praise. It has deep connotations and points to her soaring popularity. The video is available in Galatta Tamil.

Very few stars open up and talk freely about their opinions in media. Sai Pallavi is one such star who without taking a political stand subtly jibes at the inequalities of society. Though, she was trolled horribly, she seems to take it in her stride and walk on.

Once she was quoted as “yelling” for being called a “mallu” which she denies with utmost sincerity and recalling her days of “Premam”, her debut movie in Malayalam which was a surprise hit, in Bharadwaj Rangan’s famous YouTube show from Galatta Tamil.

She is still an upcoming star who is still not in the A list movies with superstars like Vijay or Ajith in Tamil and Allu Arjun or Vijay Deverakonda in Telugu which is not very far.

She candidly admits that she doesn’t burden a producer with strict financial remuneration, instead looks at roles and decides on the script. She was appreciated very much by the public when she turned down a Rs. 2 crore ad revenue from a leading fairness cream brand citing, “she didn’t want to endorse false promises”. It is enlightening to the masses who are still prejudiced towards fairer skin. Recently, the brands have changed their approach and calls their products to bring bright and glow to the skin instead of fairness which is very much a need of the hour.

Finally we need more stars like Sai Pallavi who are also the right kind of inspiration for youngsters. Her recent release “Gargi” is getting rave reviews and she admits being a little shy when showered with compliments.

Actor-Director Prathap Pothan passes away

Director and Actor Prathap Pothan was found dead in his flat in Chennai today morning. When he was approached by his help to give his morning tea, he was found unresponsive. He had passed away in his sleep. Film fraternity rushed to his residence to pay their last respects to the late actor. He was once married to actress Radhika Sarathkumar. He was 69.

It can be noted that he had been talking about death in his social media pages for the past one week. Lastly he posted the below quote by George Carlin at 9:38 am on Thursday.

Actors Kamal Haasan, Manobala, Director Ramesh Khanna were seen emotional. The late actor was a close friend of actor Suhasini Maniratnam. He is survived by his only daughter from his second marriage.

Indian origin man to run for the top seat in UK

Rishi Sunak, son-in-law of Infosys Narayanamoorthy and husband to Akshatha moorthy is eyeing the top seat after the unceremonious exit of the ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson. There are many runners but what makes Rishi unique is that he has handled the finance ministry under Boris Johnson’s cabinet. He was the Chancellor for Exchequer from 2020 to 2022. He has been a Member of the Parliament since 2015 from Richmond. He is 42 years old.

Under the current circumstances, with World economy slowly inching towards recession, he is not promising moons and stars with tax cuts and perks, but goes ahead with honesty and sincerity which seems to be working for him. So far he is leading the race in the rounds of voting and several more are due. Finally on September 5, if he wins all rounds he will become the Conservative Party’s head which will make him the next Prime Minister of United Kingdom automatically.

He is also criticised for being the reason for Boris Johnson’s resignation. Rishi Sunak’s resignation as Chancellor led to a flurry of resignations which finally forced Boris Johnson to quit.

He and his wife are listed as the 222nd richest people in Britain as per the ‘Sunday Times rich list 2022’. He is also the first frontline politician to join the rich list.

Actress Meena’s husband passes away

South Indian actress Meena’s husband Vidyasagar passes away due to covid related complications. He was suffering from lung related issues since January and he succumbed to his illness yesterday in a private hospital in Alwarpet, Chennai. He is survived by his wife and daughter. He was 48.

He was suffering from a mild lung infection caused by exposure to pigeon’s faeces as reported by news media. The infection aggravated after covid and deteriorated to a condition where he required lung transplant. The family was waiting for a suitable donor when suddenly his condition worsened and he passed away yesterday. It comes as a shock to all the film fraternity and fans alike.

She started her career as a child artist and grew up to become one of the most sought after heroines of South India spanning over three decades. She is 46 years old and has a daughter named Nainika who also has featured in movies with South SuperStar Vijay.

Navjoth Singh Sidhu gets one year jail

In a landmark judgement by the Supreme Court today, cricketer turned politician Navjoth Singh Sidhu was sentenced to 1 year rigorous imprisonment in a road rage case that happened 34 years ago in 1988.

Then an international cricketer with one other person, in an altercation with a 65-year-old man Gurunam Singh , regarding the parking of his vehicle landed a blow on his head which resulted in the death of the latter.

The Apex Court though found Sidhu guilty of the crime let him off lightly with just RS 1000 as fine and no imprisonment in 2018. The Victim’s family relentlessly sought justice for the the death of their family member for the past 34 years and their long battle has borne fruit today.

Navjoth Singh Sidhu has been part of two national parties both BJP and Indian National Congress and has judged various tv comedy shows and was also a Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs with Punjab State Government.

Elon Musk and twitter

Elon Musk’s interest in twitter is no news. But he has accomplished what he intended, with elan’. Though the revenue of twitter is much less than Facebook or Google, he has always been keen on this social platform. He has more than 8 million followers.

It is said that 6000 tweets happen per second. He was invited to join the board when he acquired 9.2% stake in January. But incidentally, he didn’t want part of it but the whole cake. By the end of April, he offered to buy it for a whopping 44 billion USD. It’s chaos since then.

Elon’s Tesla shares started to take a dip after twitter accepted his offer. Even twitter’s shares started to dip, part of it, being the general slump in technology shares and part of it due to the uncertainty in the future of twitter.

Tesla shares fell because of his sale of 8% shares to raise the 44 billion. And now, the deal has been put on hold citing that the number of actual spam users could be more than 5% and not as projected by Twitter. Since this news, Tesla’s share prices have seen a marked increase.

Is it a ploy by Elon musk to deal with the falling tesla’s prices and simultaneously wring out a better deal with Twitter? If so, it is brilliant. But if he chooses to walk away from the deal, it could cost him a billion dollars in break up fee and more billions in damages. We will have to wait and watch to see what unfolds next.

Srikankan Crisis What we know and What we don’t?

All this news about economic meltdown and people standing in long queues for daily basic necessities in Srilanka is sending shockwaves all over the world. Is it even possible in modern era to have people end up like this with no major calamities to blame? It is very much a lesson for the ruling kind to make policy decisions cautiously lest suffer the same fate as the Island Nation.

So what actually went wrong? First, it is a country which depends majorly on imports even for fish, prawns, milk powder and such. It’s economy rests majorly on tourism, which got hit due the Covid Pandemic.

It was a disaster waiting to happen only accelerated by the Pandemic. After spending more than 200 billion dollars on the civil war, it was the responsibility of the government to take measures to make economic policy amends to restructure and improve GDP to balance out the expenditure made a decade ago. But, the current Srilankan Government led by the Gotabaya clan has single-handedly managed to bring down the economy.

The policy decision to ban imports to save the depleting foreign exchange reserves has done bad than good. Businesses closed down due to inadequate products. Tea and garments are the major exports of the island nation. Due to ban of fertilisers, tea production was hit and tourism also took a toll. All major GDP grossers were on a downward spiral.

After the 2009 civil war, Srilanka had to face the European Union’s ire on human rights violations which resulted in withdrawal of special duty free export agreement for its exports to EU. Though the ban was lifted in 2017, it had already scarred the economy. Again last year, the EU has again withdrawn its special export agreement with Srilanka owing to its poor human rights situation. It is to be noted that the ban was lifted during the Maithripala Sirisena-Ranil Wikremesinghe administration.

Srilanka is a beautiful country with nature’s plentiful resources. A country with so much in hand is down on its knees due to policy blunders by the ruling kind. It is the duty of the people to elect their leaders wisely who can make or break their lives.

What does the land slide victory of BJP in 4/5 states mean?

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), in the centre has won in four out of five states namely, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa. Arwind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has won in the state of Punjab. AAP is fairly a new regional political party which has won only in Delhi and has no influence in other states, unlike Congress or BJP.

UP’s outcome is astounding and its impact on national politics is intense enough to change strategies for the upcoming 2024 Loksabha polls.

Communal politics is gaining centre stage, taking the place of welfare state. A severely backward state which struggled so much during the last regime has brought back the same regime despite receiving backlashes and setbacks during the Covid pandemic, and brutalities caused by the ruling BJP in various events, only reiterates the fact that communal politics is gaining prominence rather than growth politics. Illiteracy coupled with hate politics against minorities breeds Governments with ‘Hindurashtra’ goals. It is crystal clear where the victory of BJP is taking us in the future. The only other national party which has presence all over India, the Congress is letting victory slip through its hands by sheer strategical errors and underestimating its rivals.

Brand Modi has reigned and proved its saleability. Akhilesh Yadav Government showed good progress in terms of growth and employment whereas Yogi’s Government has a reverse trend of 2% growth as compared to 7% in Akhilesh’s. This is alarming how the majority mentality against muslims has taken over other sensible issues that affect everyday life in electoral preference.

It is now upto the opposition parties to scramble and create strategies for the upcoming 2024 parliamentary elections. It is a forerunner for the opposition to reflect on their own shortcomings and try their best.

Is it a Season of Divorces ?

Shockingly, the most revered director Bala of Tamil cinema has announced his divorce with his wife Muthumalar. They got separated legally on March 5, 2022. Sources close to the family say the couple have been living separately for the past 4 years as quoted by news outlets. They have parted ways due to differences in opinion which have been mounting in the recent years. They have a daughter together.

He is one among a very few directors who portray women with respect in their movies. His movies ‘Sethu’, ’Pithagan, ‘Paradesi’ , ‘Avan Ivan’, ‘Nanda’ have created the superstars of today. His creations always speak about the marginalised and the downtrodden.

Last month Actor Danush and Ishwarya Rajnikanth announced their separation following Actor Samantha and Naga Chaitanya who parted ways recently. It is shocking to see kollywood couples announcing separation one after another in the recent months.