Navjoth Singh Sidhu gets one year jail

In a landmark judgement by the Supreme Court today, cricketer turned politician Navjoth Singh Sidhu was sentenced to 1 year rigorous imprisonment in a road rage case that happened 34 years ago in 1988.

Then an international cricketer with one other person, in an altercation with a 65-year-old man Gurunam Singh , regarding the parking of his vehicle landed a blow on his head which resulted in the death of the latter.

The Apex Court though found Sidhu guilty of the crime let him off lightly with just RS 1000 as fine and no imprisonment in 2018. The Victim’s family relentlessly sought justice for the the death of their family member for the past 34 years and their long battle has borne fruit today.

Navjoth Singh Sidhu has been part of two national parties both BJP and Indian National Congress and has judged various tv comedy shows and was also a Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs with Punjab State Government.

Published by bhuvaneswarir

I love news and entertainment and I like to share my views with people. This is for the English speaking Tamil natives, who can neither read nor write Tamil. Don’t think they grew up outside India, the sad truth is, people who live in Tamilnadu itself don’t know Tamil, which is not the case in other states. This is the reason I decided to write in English. so instead of ranting off about the status of Tamil, let me get into the news that was last week.

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