Sai Pallavi the dancing Super Star

The meek medico turned actor is a growing sensation. Not because she is drop dead gorgeous, but for the fact that she is a breath of fresh air amidst the highly perfect beauties of tinsel town. She is rather a girl next door face with all its imperfections. What is more captivating about her is her guileless look that’s endearing to the masses.

No doubt, she is a dancing gazelle who found her foot in the industry due to her dancing prowess with hit numbers like ‘rowdy baby’ from Mari 2, ‘vachinde’ from Fidaa and many many more.

People’s craze for Saipallavi is more like one that of a hero’s. More commercially sought after heroines like Rashmika or Keerthi Suresh are left spell bound and queasy with the response for Sai Pallavi. ‘Pushpa’ director Sukumaran in a new movie launch event called her the ‘Lady Pavan Kalyan’ which cannot be ignored as mere praise. It has deep connotations and points to her soaring popularity. The video is available in Galatta Tamil.

Very few stars open up and talk freely about their opinions in media. Sai Pallavi is one such star who without taking a political stand subtly jibes at the inequalities of society. Though, she was trolled horribly, she seems to take it in her stride and walk on.

Once she was quoted as “yelling” for being called a “mallu” which she denies with utmost sincerity and recalling her days of “Premam”, her debut movie in Malayalam which was a surprise hit, in Bharadwaj Rangan’s famous YouTube show from Galatta Tamil.

She is still an upcoming star who is still not in the A list movies with superstars like Vijay or Ajith in Tamil and Allu Arjun or Vijay Deverakonda in Telugu which is not very far.

She candidly admits that she doesn’t burden a producer with strict financial remuneration, instead looks at roles and decides on the script. She was appreciated very much by the public when she turned down a Rs. 2 crore ad revenue from a leading fairness cream brand citing, “she didn’t want to endorse false promises”. It is enlightening to the masses who are still prejudiced towards fairer skin. Recently, the brands have changed their approach and calls their products to bring bright and glow to the skin instead of fairness which is very much a need of the hour.

Finally we need more stars like Sai Pallavi who are also the right kind of inspiration for youngsters. Her recent release “Gargi” is getting rave reviews and she admits being a little shy when showered with compliments.

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I love news and entertainment and I like to share my views with people. This is for the English speaking Tamil natives, who can neither read nor write Tamil. Don’t think they grew up outside India, the sad truth is, people who live in Tamilnadu itself don’t know Tamil, which is not the case in other states. This is the reason I decided to write in English. so instead of ranting off about the status of Tamil, let me get into the news that was last week.

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