Ukraine vs Russia who is right and who is wrong?

To first understand the current situation, one has to know what is Nato, why the name Nato is seen in news related to this new world crisis? Nato aka North atlantic treaty organisation was formed by 12 Nations who were allies of America to bring peace after the second world war came to an end.

After the breakdown of Soviet Republic, Russia did’nt want Nato to expand its members around its border. It was agreed that Nato would not expand into the east Europe. But contrarily, countries that broke away from Soviet Union in 1991, one by one, over the years have joined the Nato. Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and lastly North Macedonia in 2020 became members of Nato. Ukraine also started showing interest to become part of Nato since 2008. But neither the European Union nor the Nato were ready to accept Ukraine for their own benefits.

Ukraine’s former President Victor Yanukovych who was elected in 2010, preferred to keep the country neutral and non aligned, but in 2014, following the Euromaidan unrest, he fled the country. But the current President Mr. Volodymir Zelesky, an actor turned politician had other plans. In 2014, Russia took over Crimea, a bordering state of Ukraine by referendum which was a democratic solution.

What exactly pushed Russia to take the extreme step now? Ukraine borders the west of Russia. If Ukraine became part of Nato, Russia’s strength against Nato and it’s allies will compromise Russia’s security. Though one can never support war on any grounds, the current scenario should be considered with a pinch of salt with a lot of grey area. Fortunately, the world is dealing with the issue with economic sanctions and not by deploying military in the battle ground.

Russia has always been on a good political relationship with India. During the 1971, Indo-Pak war, Russia came to India’s aid when America entered the Indian seas in support of Pakistan. Now, Russia has stopped the war temporarily to let the Indians cross the Ukranian border and enter Russia. A war free green zone has been created and 130 or so buses have been arranged by Russia for Indians to safely cross the border. It is seen as a good will gesture by Putin, strengthening its diplomatic ties with India. On the other hand, we are hearing accounts of Ukranian army kicking and treating Indian students badly by ones who have been evacuated safely from Ukraine.

But the war is not over, Putin has vowed to take all of Ukraine. We hope this war comes to an end soon.

Google, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and other social media platforms have closed their doors on Russia, but Elon musk has refused to do so. He has tweeted, that he had been approached by some Governments( not Ukraine) to block his news sources for Russia which he won’t do unless at gunpoint. He adds, that he is sorry to be a speech absolutist.

Jonitha Gandhi, the “arabic kutthu”star

Who is this new comer who is rocking with the latest chart buster from Vijay starrer ‘Beast’? Apparently she is not new to tamil songs, she has already sung the ‘Chellama’ in Sivakarthikeyan’s ‘Doctor’ which was a superhit. She looks stunning in her viral Video with Anirudh Ravichandran singing the ‘Chellama’ song.

She is an Indian-born canadian singer who sings mostly in Hindi and Tamil. Her latest Arabic Kuthu song is breaking the charts with a whopping 107 million views and it’s growing. All celebrities posting videos of thier ‘Halamithi Habibo’ moment is interesting to watch.

She was even rumoured to be in a relationship with Anirudh Ravichandran, but neither has denied or agreed to the rumours. She is 32 years old and is a stunner. Her latest pictures from photoshoots affirm her versatility. As expected, she was roped in for a project backed by Vignesh Shivan named Walking/Talking Strawberry icecream directed by Vinayak.V. Her singing skills are par excellence, we wish that her acting skills are also no less.

Is Rashmika Mandanna getting married?

Photo credit to www.

North Indian media is abuzz with the news that talks are going on for the wedding of Pushpa star, Rashmika with her ‘Geeta Govindan’ costar Vijay Deverakonda. Vijay Deverakonda is currently in Mumbai shooting for his upcoming film ‘Liger’ with Ananya Pandey. Rashmika has flown in to visit Vijay in Mumbai and has reportedly purchased a property also in Mumbai. Vijay Deverakonda is a super star and a heart throb in Telugu Industry. Their sizzling chemistry onscreen was loved by audience. The news is sure to bring in joy to the countless fans of Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna.

Legend Latha Mangeshkar passes away

Last week, legend singer Latha Mangeshkar passed away after contracting covid. She was hospitalised and was undergoing treatment for over a month and was 92 years old. She was cremated with state honours. She is a recipient of Bharat Ratna and Padma Vibushan. Her loss is mourned by the country for two days, the Indian flag will fly half mast to mark the mourning.

She was single and was a very private person. She stayed away from controversies though she had her share of it in her 70 year long career in Indian film music. She started singing at a very young age of 13. Her father who was from a classical music background introduced her to the world of film music.

Famous playback singer Asha Bonsle is one of her four siblings. But it is rumoured that she never shared a cordial relationship with her sister who was also into film music. In a rare interview by Hindustan Times in 2009, she first opened up about her thoughts on marriage, love and children. She expressed that certain matters of heart should remain close to heart only. When asked whether she was happy and contented, she replied, that she has a overwhelming feeling of gratitude and though she believes in rebirth, she doesn’t want to be reborn.

It is rumoured that her friendship with the former late cricketer and BCC chairman Rajsingh Dungarpur who also belonged to the the then royal family of Rajasthan, was more than just that. Due to his royal legacy, he was denied permission to move ahead and marry Lathaji who was a civilian. Both of them had remained single throughout their life. Neither did they deny or agree to the link up rumours about them and maintained a dignified silence. He is credited with introducing cricketer Sachin Tendulkar to the world when he was just 16.

That’s about it in a nutshell about a great legend who stole the hearts of all Indians alike for over more than half a century. Her songs will be there forever as a guiding light to aspiring singers and music lovers all over the world.

Hrithik roshan’s new girlfriend revealed

Actor Hrithik roshan was spotted with new and upcoming actress Saba Azad outside a restaurant. They were holding hands while coming out of the mumbai restaurant and Hrithik helped Saba get into his car. He happily waved at the papparazi after he got inside his car. It is rumoured that the duo had been dating for quite sometime now. It looks like they are ready to share their relationship status to the world.

Hrithik is 48 years old and Saba is only 33 years old. Hrithik was previously married to Suzanne khan and is father to two children with Suzanne. The couple divorced in 2014 and have gone separate ways, but are amicable to each other. Suzanne even supported her ex-husband in his controversy with Kangana Ranaut.

Dhanush and Aishwarya separation

Actor Dhanush and his wife Aishwarya, daughter of legend actor Rajinikanth have announced their separation in their personal twitter handles separately. What ensued is a media circus with speculations for their combined decision.

Various social media reports state that Ishwarya and Danush were having differences since last three years. Danush is an introvert and a workaholic who stays away from home for long periods of time. It is rumoured that whenever there is an issue between the couple, Danush signs more movies and tends to stay away from home, which has added more distance between the couple. There have been instances in the past, when he was allegedly linked with his co stars, but the couple stood the test of time. He was even blamed for the divorce between actor Amala Paul and director A.L. Vijay.

Trisha Krishnan whose wedding was called off, also has Danush’s name in the issue. North Indian media reports that Trisha had invited Danush for her pre-wedding celebrations with businessman Varun Manian. Varun was not happy with this and when he questioned her regarding this, Varun’s father interrupted them and inquired what was the issue, but allegedly Trisha had cut him off saying not to interrupt when they were talking. Later the wedding was called off.

But as a twist to the issue, Director Father of Dhanush, Kasthuriraja has come out with a statement saying ”it is just a tiff, and there’s no divorce between the couple.”

Though, its heartening to see the family members stepping in to solve the issue, a private matter was dissected and examined with a microscope and all the past rumours were given new meanings, all in public eye by youtube channels and various media outlets.

The couple’s eldest son Yatra’s answer to a question by a family member has allegedly surprised both Ishwarya and Danush. He was supposedly asked, with whom he would stay, if his parents separated. He had answered that his answer would be the same as Ishwarya and Danush.

Currently, both Ishwarya and Danush are staying in the same hotel in Hyderabad for two separate projects. We hope everything goes well for the couple.

Biggbosstamil5 ep 87

Episode started with the aftermath of removing Niroop from the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task. Thamarai explained her accusation of Sanjeev walking away while talking. Sanjeev changed the subject to her initial understanding of the task. He kept on bringing it up and she answered him well.

In the bedroom area, all except Niroop and Thamarai were talking about Thamarai and her strategies. Thamarai and Niroop were also chatting. Niroop encouraged her to win the ’Ticket to Finale’ task. Sanjeev and Ameer were telling others that they were afraid to speak out because of viewers support to Thamarai.

Ciby was seen explaining to Thamarai, that why others were upset because of her behaviour during the black rose task. She finally understood and was pondering over it.

Then came the egg task in the morning. Contestants were given 10 eggs each kept in nests on pedestals. Contestants should try to break other’s eggs and protect theirs. At the end of the buzzer, two housemates with the least number of eggs will be eliminated from the game.

Men targeted the women. Raju without any second thoughts broke Pavani’s eggs. Ameer went to Thamarai, put her arms around her and broke her eggs one by one, which was an ugly sight. Men did not contend with each other safely. It was the women, who gave a tough fight. It looks like all are against Thamarai except Niroop. She is holding up real well.

Pavani tried to break Raju’s eggs, but no one helped her out. Nobody touched Raju’s eggs while he was struggling with Pavani away from the eggs. Pavani’s so called special friend Ameer also stood and watched her struggle. Thamarai went at Priyanka’s eggs and Priyanka sought Ameer’s help, which irked Thamarai. They went on and on fighting over the same issue. Sanjeev also broke Pavani’s eggs using the opportunity.

Finally Pavani gave up and distributed the left over eggs to others and quit the game. Niroop tried to get her back into the game, but to no avail. He also urged Thamarai to seek help from Ciby and Raju. But she decided to stay quiet.

Pavani and Thamarai were eliminated from the game at the end of the episode.

Biggbosstamil5 ep 80

The much awaited family visit of housemates’s family and friends was announced by Biggboss. Sanjeev and Amir were given the opportunity to share their story. Sanjeev shared his life journey yesterday.

Actress Sindhu who acted as a lead in Arun pandian and Ramki starrer ‘Inaintha Kaikal’ who passed away was Sanjeev’s elder sister. He shared his responsibilities and journey post her demise. He spoke about his wife being a great support in bringing up his sister’s daughter as their own. He also shared about his celebrity friend Actor Vijay.

Akshara was too excited in anticipation of meeting her mom and brother. Like Biggboss indicated by playing brother sister songs, indeed ,it was Akshara’s mom and brother who came first. She could only hear her mom’s voice and started searching frantically everywhere. Finally they arrived through the main door. It was tears and hugs through out. Akshara’s mom literally placed her in her lap in a baby hug. We could understand the bonding they shared.

Akshara’s brother asked her to maintain certain limits during physical tasks with male housemates. He was all appreciative of Akshara and told her that Varun could be trusted and asked Raju to take care of her.

Biggboss again froze the housemates, this time it was Ciby’s father. He had a sweet surprise for Ciby. He told Ciby that his mom and wife couldn’t come due to certain reasons and was really chatty with the housemates. Ciby’s wife and mom had sent messages for him which were kept in the confession room. Ciby’s father asked Ciby to go and get the messages.

Voila!! Ciby’s wife Shloka was there in the confession room. Ciby welcomed her. Ciby was really composed and didn’t show much emotion. They were quite casual. Shloka wished Thamarai to win the title which was very moving. Shloka lifted Ciby and jokingly told that he could not lift her. Priyanka was her favourite next to Ciby.

Biggbosstamil5 ep 74

Ameer was hitting on Pavani jokingly. Pavani looks at him like a good friend. Boggboss announced games for housemates to free themselves from nominations.

First task was to count 5 minutes in mind, and peel potatoes in hot water, while standing in a bucket of ice. Sanjeev finished first and Varun finished last. Varun was eliminated from the task.
Next task saw some serious loss of temper and heated arguments. Housemates were given a big bunch of balloons each, separately in stands. Each should try to break all the balloons of other housemates. The housemate whose balloon stand becomes empty should stop playing and others should continue. Finally whoever is left is the winner. Sanjeev was eliminated first. Akshara and Abhinay became a team and were playing. Akshara was lucky enough to be not targetted by others. Pavani, Thamarai were quickly eliminated. Priyanka and Raju tried to break each other’s balloons. Raju succeeded in breaking Priyanka’s. When Raju tried to attack Abhinay’s balloon, Akshara broke Raju’s balloon and eliminated him from the game. But Akshara had given word that she will not break Raju’s balloons. Raju was at his worst, when he realized this. Only Akshara and Ameer were left. Raju started to burst the balloons of Akshara though he was not in the game anymore. When Varun stopped him, he started to instigate Ameer to burst all of Akshara’s balloons. Akshara gave a tough fight to Ameer and she finally won. She was very upset with Raju’s behaviour and started to talk in English. Raju was also not so polite and politically correct this time. Thamarai without understanding, she started to give advise for which Akshara snubbed her. Thamarai let it go due to the high tension situation.

Third task was fairly easy. It did not involve any physical effort. Biggboss showed pictures and asked questions from them. Pavani got zero points and got eliminated from playing ‘saved from nomination’ games any further.

Fourth task was a ring throwing one. Priyanka finished last and got eliminated.

Fifth game was a big dice with faces of contesting housemates namely Raju, Akshara, Thamarai, AbhinayVaddi and Ameer. It had blank sides also. It was a buzzer to buzzer task. When the buzzer goes, the contestants should roll the die and when the buzzer closes, the contestant whose face was on top of the die would be eliminated.

Niroop encouraged the players to play rough and Raju got the cue. He rolled it and sat atop the die. The die had Akshara’s face on top of it. She calmly asked Raju, how she will be able to play the game without hurting him. Raju asked her simply let it be. This triggered the spark and she went on and on about Raju in English. Priyanka urged her to speak in Tamil which triggered her even more. She just banged her hand on the die and went inside the bathroom area.

Biggbosstamil5 ep 72 and 73

The housemates have officially crossed 10 weeks, so Biggboss announced nominations for everyone. But he tricked them by making them write in chits, their choice of nomination. Everyone had a good laugh.

Pavani was disappointed with herself for not boldly communicating her displeasure at Abhinay Vaddi’s behaviour which had lead to all the chaos in Kamal sir’s weekend episode.

AbhinayVaddi was still reluctant to come out clean and was evading direct questions regarding the issue. Pavani tried to make him understand her stand, but failed miserably. It became a blame game.

Biggboss made the contestants to rate themselves from 1 to 11. Priyanka went and took position number 2. Raju wanted to take 1, but since Ciby wanted it, he moved away from it. We can clearly see that, Raju tries to avoid any kind of loud arguments and fights. Without much arguments, he settled on number 3. Housemates also seem to know the winner already.

Niroop argued with Ciby for the first place. Ciby tried to pull him down by using very direct criticms. Niroop finally stood in number 10. Thamarai took up 11. Ameer and Ciby also had a verbal spat. Sanjeev tried to be neutral with all the contestants.

Niroop had changed his vote in the Political party task which has deepened the rift with Sanjeev. Sanjeev used the opportunity to record this with the audience.

Finally Ciby took the first place.

Thamarai was serving ’Payasam’ to Priyanka, Akshara was helping herself. Pavani was murmuring to Niroop, that Thamarai had not given her. Niroop asked Thamarai about this, and she replied back saying that she gave to the ones who asked her. Sanjeev showed his disapproval for Thamarai’s behaviour. Ciby, Varun and Akshara were supporting Thamarai in this regard. Raju also questioned Thamarai about the same issue. She was slightly put off by this constant questioning from Sanjeev, Raju and Niroop.

Pavani need not have made it into a big issue. She was seen sulking for it. Thamarai never said anything, she just brought it for people who asked her. Ameer as expected was empathetic with Pavani.

Biggboss announced the bus task wherein contestants were made to sit in a bus and were subject to various attacks like stinky water shower, foul smelling gas and cramped space with no place to sit. The game started in the early evening and went on late into the night. Whoever leaves the bus will be out of the game. Contestant who stays till the end will be saved from nomination. Since Ciby was out of nomination, he became the judge. Raju came out first. Sanjeev left the game after Raju. Akshara and Pavani, quit in that order. Pizzas were delivered for the housemates outside the bus, which tempted Priyanka to quit the game. Varun left after Priyanka. Thamarai and Abhinay quit it one after the other. It came down to Niroop and Ameer in the end. Niroop convinced Ameer to leave the bus and Ameer agreed. Niroop won the task.

Biggboss has several tasks lined up for the contestants this week.