Biggbosstamil5 ep 67

‘Vettri Kodi Kattu’ luxury budget task was on. Priyanka was prompting Pavani to talk about bathroom cleanliness to the male housemates. There were only two bathrooms for 4 women and 9 men. If women wanted a separate bathroom, it will be difficult for the male housemates to use the only bathroom available. Ciby tried to convey this to Priyanka. She seemed ok with it, but requested them to use the toilet after lifting the seat. The issue looked like it was over, but it flared up later.

The men took offence to Priyanka’s statement and were using only one bathroom. It would have been better, if they had considered the women’s plight and come to an agreement.

Iman Annachi took Ameer and spoke about his behaviour with Pavani. He asked him to move within limits. ( But we didn’t see any indecent behaviour😮). But Ameer took it in a good way and apologized to Pavani. Pavani was very cool about it and brushed it aside.

Campaigning was on. Priyanka tried to put a complaint box which was ignored by the other teams. Biggboss announced a task for the heads of the teams. They had to give their opinion on the housemates one by one. If it was agreed by most of them, then they get one point each. Housemates were given Yes and No placards to show their answers.

Sanjeev outdid Ciby and Priyanka. His NPP team won the task.

Biggboss announced a flag sticking task with 40 poles this time. The task didn’t have any restricting rules, it was designed to create some ruckus. As expected, the NPP team and Makkal Kural joined hands to pull all the sticks from Urakka Sol team. Varun and Akshara from NPP, Niroop and Ciby from Makkal Kural pushed and shoved and fell over Priyanka, Pavani and Abhinay to take the sticks from them.

Thamarai tried to caution in general, but Abhinay took offence immediately and yelled at her. Priyanka with her boomerang voice joined the yell fest. Finally Thamarai was moved away by Ciby and Niroop. Priyanka jumped at the opportunity to voice out her mind with Thamarai and started shouting slogans targetting her.

Raju and others comforted Thamarai. Abhinay came and apologized to Thamarai. Varun has recently developed this habit of shouting on top of his voice to emphasise his point. Ameer also shouted back to Varun.

Biggbosstamil5 ep 66

Pavani was requesting Akshara to use her help as ordered by Biggboss, but Akshara was keen on turning it into an issue. She refused to give a listening ear to Pavani.

Ameer was confiding in Raju about Abhinay’s behaviour towards Pavani. He was narrating an incident during the weekend episode. He opined that Abhinay’s behaviour was indeed strange towards Pavani.

Ciby and Thamarai were using the traditional ‘Ammi Kallu’ to make coconut chutney. Ciby was doing a fantastic job on the manual grinder.

Biggboss announced the week’s luxury budget task. The housemates split into three teams and became political parties. Priyanka, Pavani, Abhinay and Ameer were a team. Raju, Ciby, Thamarai and Niroop became another team. Iman Annachi, Varun, Akshara and Sanjeev became the third team.

Priyanka used the opportunity to irk Niroop indirectly. The teams introduced themselves with their agendas and logos. Sanjeev’s introduction was fantastic when compared to other teams.

Biggboss announced a game wherein one from each team should participate in a round of sticking flags onto two poles placed in the garden area. The ones who stick their flags will be awarded one point each.

During the task, Iman Annachi and Thamarai had an ugly battle of pushing and pulling at the pole. Iman Annachi behaved very rudely without any hesitation. Thamarai’s dupatta was torn in the scuffle. Would Iman Annachi dare to behave like this, if it had been Akshara or Pavani or Priyanka? The answer is quite predictable. Thamarai was visibly shaken due to the scuffle. She tried to argue her point, but was eventually made to settle with Annachi.

Ameer gave a piece of his mind to Annachi. He expressed his displeasure on Annachi’s behaviour during the task.

Biggbosstamil5 ep 65

Thamarai is again doing the dishes. Sanjeev notes this and makes Niroop stop her. Thamarai is reluctant and argues with Niroop. Since it was sunday night, there were no specific teams to do the chores.

Priyanka is emotionally drained after Abhishek’s eviction and Niroop stays away from all this furore, which has added to her agony. She feels lonely, Iman Annachi comes to her rescue and comforts her.

Raju was discussing about Niroop’s confused state of mind with Ameer. Pavani seems to be ready to use her coin power this week.

Captaincy task was musical chair this time with all contestants taking part. Thamarai lost it in the first round. She tried to convince the other housemates to give up one seat for her but no one budged. It was sad to see that no one was ready to help Thamarai. Next it was Akshara, Ciby gave his chair to Akshara and quit the game. Niroop gave it up for Priyanka. Raju gave it up for Sanjeev. Sanjeev quit the game for Ameer. Finally it was between Akshara and Ameer. Ameer won the Captaincy task. Though he knew that Pavani was going to use the coin power, he wanted to fight it out till the end.

Pavani became the Captain with the power of her coin. Biggboss made her an aide to her female co contestants as punishment.

Akshara tried to pick a quarrel with Pavani by instigating her, saying that she had to help her out whenever she says so. This one is sure to bring in some fire sparking moments this week.

Nominations happened. Priyanka, Varun and Sanjeev were spared. Niroop decided to use his coin to change the nomination. He chose to bring Sanjeev into nomination instead of himself. Biggboss announced a game for Niroop to fight with Sanjeev and put himself out of danger. It was a simple,modified, breaking the castle game, where Sanjeev won with majority. Niroop was in nomination again.

Priyanka nominated Niroop with lots of tears. Abhinay got the most number of votes followed by Ameer.

Thamarai was secretly discussing why Priyanka didn’t go into nomination. Varun observed that if there were only 2 votes then they won’t be in the list. Same was discussed inside the bedroom by Priyanka, Abhinay and Pavani. Priyanka cautioned them to keep it within themselves.

Biggbosstamil5 ep 55, 56 and 57

Actor Ramya Krishnan hosted the show instead of Kamal sir with his permission. She was quite witty and handled herself well. It is unfair to compare the hosts, since everyone have their own style.

She started off with the new entrants Sanjeev and Ameer. She asked Sanjeev’s opinion on the housemates. He was candid, though lot of people may have a different opinion. Ramya Krishnan questioned Ciby and other teachers on Akshara issue. Ramya Krishnan was in favour of Akshara, it was very evident. There was also a ’Kurumpadam’ on the event.

Thirukkural became the subject of laughter, which was distasteful. Ramya Krishnan could have avoided such mockery on her part.

Thamarai and Priyanka’s issue was also discussed. Thamarai gave a befitting reply to Priyanka which got a good round of applause from the audience.

Finally on sunday, during eviction, it had come down to Ikky Berry and Niroop. Niroop seemed slightly shaken by this development. He was in the danger zone for the second time. Ikky was prepared mentally.

When Ramya asked to choose a contestant whom they thought would be saved, except for Iman Annachi and Thamarai, all others guessed it correctly.

As guessed by the housemates, it was time for Ikky Berry to say bye to her fellow contestants. She was very mature and was happy with whatever she had done in the house and left the show with grace.

Biggbosstamil5 ep 51 to 54

Nomination was there in everyone’s mind. Captaincy task was announced. The contestants had to fill a box of cotton and weigh it, according to the weight of the cotton, the winner was selected. The last two contestants had to speak for themselves as to why they should continue further. Others were to decide and vote after they finish listening to their arguments. Thamarai and Annachi came in the last two. They had to contend. Most of them supported Thamarai. Priyanka supported Iman Annachi and campaigned for him. This angered Thamarai, and eventually Iman Annachi continued the game. Priyanka told Thamarai was not fit enough to be a captain. Last two finalists were Raju and Abhinay Vaddi. Finally Abhinay Vaddi became the Captain of the house. Raju withdrew himself by taking less cotton to allow Abhinay to win the task.

Priyanka, Thamarai, Niroop, Iman Annachi, Pavani and Ikky were in nomination this week.

Lot of drama followed after the Captaincy task between Thamarai and Priyanka. Priyanka kept repeating the same ”you are not fit to be the captain this week”. This completely jolted Thamarai who looked at Priyanka as a friend.

Ameer and Sanjeev came as wild card entries into the BB house.

Luxury budget task was announced. BB house became a hostel. Ciby became the warden, Raju, Abhishek and wild card entry Ameer became teachers. Other housemates became students. Students were supposed to be naughty and the teachers were to be strict.

Priyanka was acting naughty and was doing her part. Ciby was very strict with the housemates and this didn’t sit well with a few of them. We could see Iman and Thamarai acting like small children which was quite fun to watch.

Ameer master was not seen anywhere. Raju did his job as a Tamil teacher very well.

On the last day of the luxury budget task, Akshara completely lost her cool and threw a big tantrum, accusing Ciby of overdoing his act.

Best performers were chosen. Ciby, Iman Annachi and Abhishek became the best performers. Niroop and Ameer became the worst performers. They were sent to jail by Biggboss. Inside the jail, Ameer opined to Niroop that Thamarai was influencing others and not viceversa. He also mentioned his distaste about Abhishek’s interference in all issues.

Ciby was not ruffled by Akshara. He was composed all the way.

Biggbosstamil5 ep 50

Kamal sir continued the mirror task. Raju reflected Pavani(much awaited😜). He spoke about the Suruthi coin issue with Thamarai and he mentioned her attitude towards Thamarai during her coin power task.

Iman Annachi reflected Isaivani. He didn’t have much to say about Isaivani. Kamal sir asked Iman Annachi about the ‘7 crore people recognizing Annachi’ issue. Here also, nothing was clarified.

During the break, Niroop, Raju and Varun were discussing the same issue about Isaivani.

AbhinayVaddi asked Isaivani to not react for everything in the sofa area.

Kamal sir asked the contestants to choose one housemate who will be with them till the end and who had no chance at all for winning. Here is the list of who chose who below:

NameWinnerNo Chance
AksharaThamarai Iman
ThamaraiPriyanka Pavani
Priyanka NiroopIman
AbhinayVaddi NiroopIman
IsaivaniPriyanka Niroop
Pavani Priyanka Ikky

Ciby got saved first and Abhinay after him. Akshara, Iman, Thamarai, Niroop and Ikky were saved in the same order.

Isaivani, as predicted was evicted. She gave her coin to Abhinay Vaddi, but Biggboss asked her to take the coin with her.

Pavani looked very sad. Isaivani left the show with grace. Her departure can be likened to Sanam’s departure in the last season. The news is that she got a total of 7 lakhs as her remuneration for the show.

Biggbosstamil5 ep 49

Abhishek’s return to the BB house had its own impact on the housemates. Two women ( Priyanka and Pavani) were immensely pleased to see their friend and confidante’ back. Iman Annachi was very vocal about his feelings. He simply added that, neither was he sad at his eviction, nor he was happy for his reentry.

Raju told Abhishek about his fight with Priyanka the day before and how they had become close to each other post the fight. Priyanka also lovingly put a friendship band on Raju’s mike.

Pavani again gave her coin to Abhishek and showed her love towards Abhishek. He took the coin when Pavani gave it to him. But later when Priyanka advised him to return the coin, and asked him to play the game with self confidence, he again met Pavani and Isaivani and gave the coin back to her. Pavani didn’t know that it was Priyanka who was behind his change of mind.

The housemates played another game, in which each housemate will share two things about themselves and others should find which is true and which is false. Whoever tricks the housemates the most will be the winner. Varun and Thamarai won the task.

Thamarai said she loves cooking for the false one and she does not like Pavani for the true one. This created a stir soon after the task was over. Pavani was upset over Thamarai’s behaviour.

Kamal sir welcomed back Abhishek to the BB house. He appreciated Priyanka for her Captaincy. Before he started the episode, he asked a few fellow audience to reveal their favourite contestants. Raju, Priyanka, Thamarai and Varun were chosen by most of them as good players.

Kamal sir spoke about Thamarai being the centre of all controversial content. He appreciated Varun for his change.

Kamal sir took Niroop and Thamarai’s name for performing well in the mirror task. He didn’t mention Varun’s name which Ikky pointed out aptly during the break. He questioned Priyanka for not performing the mirror task well and setting a precedent for others to follow. Thamarai offered to do the task again with Priyanka jokingly. But Kamal sir didn’t let the opportunity go, he made Thamarai talk about Priyanka as her mirror. At such short notice, she spoke about Priyanka spontaneously and did a decent job of the task.

He pulled up Ciby for being aloof in the past week. He made Niroop talk about his friend Priyanka which was again a little bit scathing. He rightly pointed out that Niroop was not taking other people’s game view sportively and was getting angry.

Kamal sir enquired about Abhinay’s meltdown during the mirror task. His explanation felt genuine.

Kamal sir made the three coin holders, Niroop, Pavani and Isaivani to sit together and asked why they had not used it’s power for changing the Captain or during nomination.

Niroop was confident that people would save him. Isaivani was also pretty confident. Pavani told him that she was waiting to use it in the last two weeks.

Kamal sir, in his own style saved Pavani first.

Abhishek was talking to Priyanka about Niroop’s observation of Priyanka in front of Kamal sir. Abhishek and Thamarai both feel that Priyanka’s love for Niroop as a friend, is not being reciprocated properly. Thamarai was also hinting at that during the mirror task.

Biggbosstamil5 ep 46,47,48

Mirror image task was on. Raju had to mirror Priyanka which was hilarious. Raju and Priyanka used the opportunity to showcase their entertaining skills. Iman was mirroring Ikky which was all the more funny. He used a similar blonde wig to mirror Ikky. Iman Annachi and Ikky share a good bond with each other from the beginning.

Varun, as the person with the coin power had some tasks ready for the housemates in the garden area. Varun asked all the housemates to drink a bottle of water. Niroop didn’t want to drink water since he had had tea. Varun became a task master and forced him to drink water, but Niroop declined to drink water and left the group instantly.

Varun and Niroop were paired up for the mirror task. Varun took the opportunity to vent out all his feelings towards Niroop. Niroop was quite cool about it. Unlike others Niroop was intent on playing the game like a game. His accusations and fights are rather for the game and he puts the game point first rather than his personal preferences.

Priyanka explained to Niroop that since others followed whatever task he gave during his coin power time, he too should cooperate when it was other person’s turn.

Akshara and Pavani took the mirror frame next. Akshara was pretty open about her feelings towards Pavani. Pavani listened to Akshara carefully.

It was Isaivani and Thamarai’s turn to do the mirror task. Thamarai touched upon the issues she had with Isaivani. When she was done, she started singing songs to pass the time until the buzzer. This offended Isaivani. Though she didn’t shake her hands off, a huge argument ensued.

Later in the day, Abhinay was advising Isaivani not to make an issue of everything especially with Thamarai.

Varun was using his coin power to create some fun moments with the housemates.

Pavani mirrored Raju and spoke about her issues with Raju. She expressed her desire to be a friend to Raju and how she has failed to gain his faith. She came across as a very strong person.

Priyanka mirrored Thamarai. It was mostly advise to Thamarai and Priyanka’s perception of Thamarai.

Ikky mirrored Varun and told him that how he was approachable to only few people in the house.

Second part of the mirror task was on. This time Raju and Priyanka took the mirror frame. Raju very funnily explained his expectations for Priyanka and the duo just rocked in their sense of humour. While mirroring Priyanka, he touched upon Priyanka’s relationship with other housemates. When he had very nice things to say about others, he was scathing, when he came to Pavani.

This time over, Pavani openly confronted Raju and asked him the reason for his attitude towards her. He did explain himself, but postponed the details for later. Pavani also agreed and let it go.

Ikky, Iman Annachi and Isaivani were seated in the lounge. Isaivani was sitting on the floor. While they were chatting, suddenly Iman Annachi put his legs on the sofa’s armrest and shook his feet near Isaivani’s face and sang a song. Isaivani repeatedly warned him that she didn’t like the way he shook his feet near her face. But he stopped after a few moments later. He apologized to her, but she was not convinced and was upset visibly. Ikky came in support of Annachi, but Isaivani asked Ikky not to interfere.

Biggboss announced a physical task wherein Niroop and Varun, Akshara and Pavani were paired together to play a game of throwing water balloons on each other. The game ended in a draw.

On day 47, close to midnight, Priyanka asked all the housemates to wash their bowls and spoons before sleeping. This led to an argument between Raju and Priyanka, where Priyanka accused Raju of not helping out in the house maintenance. Raju showed a completely different face of himself while arguing with Priyanka. She was the only person to talk against him except Pavani. Since it was Priyanka, Raju had to come down and make it up with her. If it had been anybody else other than Priyanka, he would not have bothered to clear the disagreement.

Biggboss announced an egg breaking task for the two teams. Biggboss would ask 5 questions to the contestants, of they gave the right answer, their team will be awarded 1 point for every right answer and for every wrong answer, the housemate will have to break an egg on the other contestant. Isaivani and Thamarai were made to play the first round, Ciby and Abhinay played the second round.

The highlight of the day came at the end of the show. Team B had won the luxury budget and they had to choose their luxury budget items by rolling two giant dice and selecting the boxes containing numbers of sum of the rolled dice. Huge boxes with numbers had been placed in the activity area.

There was so much uproar over the contents of the boxes that were opened. When Iman Annachi came to Box 9, Abhishek was revealed. There was so much joy when Abhishek came out of the box, it was almost infectious. Priyanka could not control herself. She broke into tears in sheer happiness. Pavani was also overjoyed to see Abhishek again in the house.

Abhishek’s entry as a wild card contestant will be a gamechanger.

Biggbosstamil5 ep 45

Luxury budget task was to do a mirror image of every housemate by another housemate divided into two teams. Biggboss decided the team members. Isaivani was to mirror Iman Annachi, Pavani had to mirror Raju, Priyanka had to mirror Thamarai, Niroop had to mirror Abhinay Vaddi, Ciby had to mirror Akshara.

It was fun to watch Priyanka mirroring Thamarai. Pavani had a tough time following Raju’s funny moves. Isaivani couldn’t do anything when Iman Annachi was smoking.

Abhinay jokingly made Niroop trim a little hair. Though, later it became an issue. If any of the housemates were unable to follow their pair, they had to give up a badge given by Biggboss. Biggboss had given 2 badges for each housemate. Whichever team has the maximum number of badges will be declared the winner.

It was Niroop’s turn to reflect Abhinay. The task was to hold the other housemate’s hands and reflect on their behaviour in the BB house verbally. While doing so, if the other person loses his cool and shakes away the hand, then he should handover his badge to their reflection or image.

Niroop accused Abhinay of not being himself and thought him to be fake and went on to point out incidents, which upset Abhinay very much and he could not control his tears flowing down his cheeks. But he managed to hold his hands with Niroop until the buzzer. Niroop played the game well.

Abhinay Vaddi gave back a souvenir ring from Niroop saying that he was done with him. Niroop used blasphemy unnecessarily. He is seen using abusive language towards Abhinay whenever there is an argument. We expect Kamal sir to address this misbehaviour too.

Niroop made a big issue of Abhinay making him trim his hair. He was contradicting himself when it came to others.

Isaivani mirrored Iman Annachi. She didn’t use the opportunity well to slay Annachi. She was quite respectful in her allegations. But the game was to make the other contestant shake their hands off.

Pavani, Isaivani and Abhinay were seen chatting and discussing about Isaivani’s mirror task with Annachi.

Ciby and Akshara took their turn in the mirror frame. Akshara kept her eyes closed during the task. Ciby also didn’t address her directly. He talked about the same old issues he had with her. It was not biting enough.

Later Akshara told Ikky that she will not be in touch with any of the housemates. Her behaviour simply reiterates other people’s observation on her that she is using Varun and Raju only to serve her purpose.

Biggbosstamil5 ep 44

As expected it was Varun’s coin power week. Biggboss announced it during the morning dance ritual. This time over, Biggboss had tailored the instructions for Varun. He had to improvise on the entertainment part alone. Pavani also accused Biggboss for laying out straight for Varun. He had control of the bathroom area. Varun had to keep his coin in the pedestal for the water inside the house.

There were some funny moments with the tasks for housemates to enter the bathroom area. He thoughtfully chose Priyanka as his assistant to have some light moments to creatively make content.

It was Captaincy task time. Ikky, Priyanka, Ciby and Niroop were the contestants. Ciby didn’t fight for his chance this time. It was between Priyanka, Niroop and Ikky. Priyanka wanted housemates not to select Ikky. Similarly, Ikky was also against Priyanka. But after a lot of persuasions, Varun voted in favour of Priyanka. Priyanka became the Captain.

Ikky was upset and was chatting with Raju and was clarifying her stand for opposing Priyanka in the Captaincy task. Iman Annachi also supported Niroop in the task.

Priyanka’s Captaincy had some interesting moments. While choosing her team, she chose Abhinay and Isaivani for rationing. Iman Annachi, for apparently no reason always opposes anything concerned with Isaivani. She was lauded for proper rationing during her coin task, but still, he pointed out that she may not be apt for the responsibility.

People who are economically weak are picked on for silly issues. Isaivani already has the feeling that people yell only at her, especially Thamarai and Iman Annachi. When Thamarai raised a genuine question, Isaivani couldn’t take it anymore. Finally it was decided that Ciby and Abhinay would do the rationing.

We could see the personal relationship criteria resonate during nomination. Very few contestants like Ciby had the game point view.

This week’s nomination list has Ikky, Pavani, Ciby, Niroop, Iman Annachi, Akshara, Isaivani, Thamarai and Abhinay. It was quite predictable.

Thamarai was upset that she got nominated. Everyone had a good laugh when Abhinay got nominated again.