Biggbosstamil5 day7

There was a shock for the viewers. Contestant Namitha Marimuthu had to leave the show due to unavoidable circumstances. News media sources say that she developed a serious infection for which she had to be hospitalised.

Lot of things were unusual in this episode. They did’nt show what happened on Friday.

There was nothing much to be discussed from last week. Kamal sir spoke about the contestants who shared their story last week. He particularly mentioned Isaivani’s story, Suruthi’s, Pavani’s and Madhumitha’s. He rightly pointed out that Chinna Ponnu akka and Iman Annachi had shared the story with less emotion which led to them getting few dislikes. He jokingly pointed out that Raju was trying to find a script in the stories.

He asked Varun, Abhinay and Nadia to do something to be seen in the episodes. There was no content by them apparently.

Kamal sir asked other contestants who had not shared their story to tell him how they were going to do it(😧). Few of them said they were going to share it as it were, without any preparation.

Next week there will be nominations. We are hoping that nominations will shake a few things in the house.

Kamal sir’s episode also did’nt have much in terms of entertainment. What he intends to do in the sunday episode is a challenge, which we will have to wait and watch.

Aryan khan Drug case

Aryan khan, 23-year old son of bollywood badshah Shahrukh khan was arrested last week with 8 others in a drug bust case by Narcotics Control Bureau(NCB) in Mumbai onboard a cruise ship Cordelia sailing from Mumbai to Goa on Oct 2.

As per reports, liquor was flowing freely on the cruise, though it was a dry day through out the Nation. NCB officials, worked on a tip off and had booked tickets as passengers and had gone onboard the cruise. Once the cruise left the port, people started using all banned substances like Ecstacy, Cocaine…hashish etc, immediately the NCB officials swung into action and started checking all passengers and made their arrests.

Source credit times of india

Aryan khan is in Arthur road jail, till this moment. His bail plea was rejected on friday and the investigation is underway. His phone has been seized and drug chats have been found. During the interrogation, news media reports say he was crying frequently. He has been found to use narcotic substances for the past 4 years and his driver was summoned for questioning yesterday. One other arrest has been made in this regard. Driver’s testimony reveals that Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant and 2 others left Sharukh Khan’s Mumbai home Mannat on Oct 2 to board the cruise for the rave party.

Aryan khan inadvertently blurted out that his papa was busy with his upcoming film shoot in spain that he couldn’t get appointment for the last six months. Shahrukh is back from Spain and is following the case. Sushant Singh Rajput case advocate for Rhea Chakraborthy , Satish Manishinde is appearing for Aryan Khan. Amidst all this, an education App which was using Shahrukh Khan as it’s face has stopped all ads featuring Sharukh Khan in the wake of Aryan’s arrest.

BiggbossTamil 5 ep

source credit samayam tamil

Today’s song was Vadivelu’s famous number ”ettana irundha ettoorukku en pattu kekkum”.

But the episode started from yesterday night’s happenings. Thamarai did a catwalk encouraged by Ikky and Suruthi, which she did really well. Namitha also did the ramp walk. Namitha, Niroop, Akshara, Thamarai, Raju, Priyanka, Isaivani, Abhinay, were all seen playing the Mafia game( whatever that is🥺)later. The issue was, Priyanka was the Mafia and Namitha could not find it, for which Thamarai kept making fun of her saying she got fooled easily.
Priyanka kept asking Thamarai to stop laughing but she continued. Once they were in the bedroom, again Thamarai kept laughing and Namitha suddenly raised her voice and warned Thamarai, that if she continued she would say something that might not be nice.

Thamarai was taken aback by this sudden burst of anger but Thamarai apologised to Namitha, but Namitha was not ready to hear anything.

Later in the night she was seen confiding to Priyanka and Niroop that Thamarai was asking Namitha to do the sexy look during the ramp walk time. This had not gone well with Namitha. Priyanka and Niroop didn’t say anything.

In the morning, Iman Annachi tried to make Namitha to sit and sort it out with Thamarai for which Namitha declined politely.

Iman Annachi imitated Akshara and Raju which was a light moment. Everyone had a good laugh.

Pavani and Thamarai have bonded ( maybe due to same age) well. Pavani helped Thamarai with her hairstyle and makeup which was very good of Pavani. This one is sure to get lot of audience army( pretty and simple).

source credit samayam tamil

Ikky shared her story which was not very clear except that she has not visited her parents for the past 8 years. She is a single child and when she chose her relationship, her parents cut her off totally, which she could not bear. Her father started talking to her after she released her first album. She told everyone that there was a third person who was affecting her relationship with her mother. Priyanka ever the anchor, kept a request to Ikky’s parents that they come as family to meet Ikky in the biggboss house.

She got 2 dislikes, 1 hearts and 13 likes.

Suruthi and Ikky were sitting alone in the lounge area and Suruthi tried to comfort Ikky.

Pavani reddy took the podium next. She narrated her story which moved even Akshara to tears. She did not break down, but the way she narrated in her broken tamil was saddening.

She was first working in telugu serials where she fell in love with her now deceased husband. They had bought a house and were planning to move in and start a family when unfortunately, one day in a drunken state her husband, after a small argument simply tried to threaten her by acting like he was going to hang himself inside a room and had died accidentally by hanging which Pavani didn’t know until next morning. She appreciated her In-laws saying, that they were very understanding and helpful.

She got 12 hearts 5 likes 0 dislikes.

Netizens are talking why Pavani reddy chose not to mention her second marriage with Anand Joy, which also did not work out well.

Priyanka was again making fun of Niroop and tried talking like his mother to Iman Annachi over phone. Priyanka’s humour sense was awesome.

Namitha was awake for a long time and was alone and thoughtful. Later around 4:40 am, Namitha went to Thamarai who was sleeping on the outside sofa and told her that she had accepted her apology and asked her to join her for tea.
This day saw a lot of emotion, tomorrow all are awaiting Kamal sir’s episode, contestants and viewers alike.

Biggboss tamil5ep 5

“Dudududu dudu I love you” song was played as the wake up song. Chinna Ponnu akka, Akshara and Ciby were seen cooking the breakfast. Akshara was seen talking about getting dressed in the morning and wanting not to be seen in night clothes as told by her friends.

Abhinay was talking to Pavani and told Thamarai, she is one warm person whom you would want to have by your side when you are sick 🤫( is it a beginning of something) or did he call her akka? ( not very clear). Later he was seen sleeping on a pillow near her, where she was massaging his head for apparently a headache. Iman annachi was trying to break it but to no avail. Along with “Kattan/Tarzan” Niroop ( as referred by dear housemates) other married men were sitting together.

Somebody said that they will not mind if someone slept on their lap and Iman annachi said “Ambala thanada un madiyila paduthirukkan”.

It was Namitha’s turn to share her story. Nadia, Chinna Ponnu akka, Pavani, Thamarai, Akshara, Priyanka were all moved to tears by Namitha’s struggle. Her narration was filled with sobs and tears but she managed to complete it fully.
It is appalling to see how much physical abuse she has undergone to create this Identity despite coming from an educated middle class background. With no one to guide them, the pains and struggles of transgenders are too much to bear. It is heartening to see a platform like Biggboss bringing transgenders in the mainstream entertainment which will quell any misunderstandings among the public about the third gender. Sensitising the public is necessary to treat them with respect.

Namitha finished it with a song amidst sobs, Iman annachi, Chinna Ponnu akka and Suruthi were seen trying to stop her from crying.

She got 17 hearts, 0 likes and 0 dislikes. First one to get all hearts.

Madhumitha came to the podium to share her story. She was very brief with her narration. She had had an episode of depression where she contemplated suicide many times, for not being able to do what she likes and failed relationship issues. But she thanked her parents for being there for her always. It was a very genuine narration.

She got 2 hearts, 15likes and 0 dislikes.

We are not able to see Suruthi, Madhumitha, Namitha, Varun, Abhinay Vaddi or Niroop or Ciby. It is mostly Abhishek, Priyanka, Thamarai, Iman Annachi, Ikky or Akshara. Hope they find out from clues by KamalHaasan sir.

Nothing much to add from yesterday’s episode.

Biggboss tamil 5ep 4

Source credit samayam tamil

Vijay’s Master song was played today. It was a peppy number for which all the housemates danced happily.

The mood of the house is so far undisturbed. As expected, Priyanka is stealing the show with her spontaneous humour sense. The show began with her pulling at Biggboss in the washroom area. Chinna ponnu akka became the hapless victim. Wherever Priyanka is, there is humour and laughter, though at times it crosses the line. She referred to Biggboss as “perusu” and when the camera turned towards Namitha, she even said if Biggboss wears eyelashes.
Abhinay Vaddi immediately corrected her, but she was in such a boisterous mood, she just kept at it. Thankfully Namitha did’nt mind it.

Today Iman annachi narrated his story. Though it was also a painful story, it seemed like he didn’t want to put it across as one. He peppered it with some humour and finished it off with his popular “Eh miss pannidathinga”.

Like Chinna Ponnu akka, he also handled himself very maturely.

Iman Annachi got 5 hearts, 5 dislikes and 7 likes.

He asked all the five people who had given him dislikes, of which Namitha and Nadia seemed a little blunt in the way they answered. Namitha said it didn’t feel like it was his story. Nadia told that she did not connect with the story for which she need not give a reason. Iman Annachi took everything in his stride.

There was a small misunderstanding ( 1st) between Niroop and Abhishek. Niroop laughed at a joke of Iman Annachi while narrating his story for which Abhishek tried to shsh.. him. Ciby tried to placate Niroop who was upset with Abhishek for shshing him. After a lot of explanation finally Abhishek made up with Niroop in his own way.

Suruthi shared her story after Iman Annachi. She broke down in her first sentence itself. She steadied herself and narrated her childhood which was really heartwrenching.

Her father was of the same age as her Grandfather, while her mother was only 18. Her father had 4 children already and she was looked at as an unwanted child. She grew up neglected by her father through out his life. He used to lock them up inside their house for days together. After her father passed away, the situation became even more worse for them with no work for her mother. She finished her education with the stipend from “Sports Authority of India” as she was a basketball player. With sheer hardwork she had reached this height.

Almost everyone was moved by her story. Abhinay Vaddi also had moist eyes, who otherwise never showed emotion.

Suruthi got 9 hearts, 7 likes and 0 dislikes.

Abhishek was seen describing Ikky, Ciby, Niroop and Thamarai’s personalities. For which Thamarai took offence and they started arguing jokingly. Personality reading seems to be Abhishek’s forte and almost everyone is hanging close to listen to what he has to say about them.

Priyanka asked Thamarai how she agreed to come to the show and Thamarai answered wittingly and was very candid about the luxury of Biggboss house( not having to cook or do any household chores, airconditioning etc..). She poked at Iman Annachi and asked him to leave on elimination instead of her. The day’s episode was closed with that.

All new faces are getting introduced to the audience with this story task and it sure is helping them to connect with the audience.

BiggbossTamil 5 ep-3

The day started off with the most appropriate song, everyone happily grooving and enjoying a shake a leg.

Ciby, Pavani, Abhishek were all seen chatting in the morning, Ciby likening Pavani’s language to that of Super Star.

Priyanka was lamenting about not feeling any appetite after cooking so much food for everyone, while preparing the veggies for the next meal in the dining table area. Abhishek jokingly commented that he too is part of her group, while she told Iman annachi that she liked to be Abhishek’s friend but feared to be his team mate and referred to his youtube videos.

Ciby became the first contestant to be called by Biggboss to the confession room, where he was instructed to read out the first luxury budget task of the week to the housemates.

The luxury budget task was to share their life stories with everyone as was in the previous seasons. But this time, everyone will be given 5 hearts, 6 likes and 6 dislikes. Contestants were to assign the emoticons to each other according to their view of the story shared.

Priyanka was quick to point out that problem will arise when they are left with only dislikes.

Isaivani was the first contestant to be called upon by biggboss to share her story. She recounted her childhood days and got very emotional and broke down. She collected herself and requested people to help if somebody was asking help for education and sang a nice ghana song with a punch.

It was a sad story with the family shifting homes frequently for not being able to pay the rent. Food, clothes and school fees were always a problem with both her parents not making much and struggling to make ends meet. Her brother had to discontinue his studies after 10 th grade due to lack of funds.

Ikky was very upset, Chinna ponnu akka was also moved to tears. All women seemed to be very empathetic and hugged Isaivani once she was done. Men remained attentive but didn’t show much emotion except for Abhishek and Raju.

She got 11 likes 6 hearts and 0 dislikes.

Raju tried to explain himself to Isaivani for giving only a like instead of a heart to which she agreed. ( Biggboss has started😀).

Next, Abhishek was seen sitting with Varun, Ciby and Abhinay in the lawn area and was reading their personalities. All of them looked interested in hearing what he had to say about everyone of them which was really good.

Chinna ponnu akka joined the club after sometime where Abhishek while trying to describe her personality became overwhelmed with his own emotions with his mother and broke down.
Some were seen trying to comfort him and others like Isaivani, Iman annachi were laughing at something which was not very clear. ( were they trying to lighten up the mood for Abhishek or laughing at something else we don’t know).
But it was clear from few other faces how Abhishek had stolen the limelight and how it will be a content for the show( promo material).
Chinna ponnu akka was asked to share her story next. She was mature and handled herself well without breaking into tears. Hers was also a journey full of struggles and which will strike a chord with general public. But her narration was very straight. She finished her story with a song ( contestants requested).

Namitha, Nadia, Abhishek were seen brushing away a tear or two. Others remained stoic.

She got 10 likes, 6 hearts and 1 dislike from Raju. Raju justified his dislike by saying that he did’nt like the narration, but was quick to point out that he did not undermine or underestimate her struggles. He also added that, if he gave away all the likes and hearts, he’d be left with only dislikes jokingly.

The day came to a close with some of them trying unsuccessfully to keep track of time and chilling outside chatting in groups.

Biggboss has begun 😎.

Biggboss 5 tamil ep2

Souce credit samayam tamil

Everyone seems to be chilling and trying to mingle with others. The day started with all of them slowly waking up and getting ready for the day.

Niroop and Abhinay were seen chatting with a mug of coffee. Abhinay was already missing his 4.5 yr old daughter and revealed that, he got married at the age of 23. Niroop was taken aback and told Abhinay, that he was planning to get married around 35 or 39😲.

The song of the day was the famous number “vechalum vekkama ponalum mallivasam, kuthala sugavasam.” Most of them grooved to the music and enjoyed doing so.

Biggboss announced everyone to assemble in the lounge area and asked the housemates to come forward voluntarily for the week’s captain’s position. Priyanka, Raju all tried to pull Iman annachi but he declined.

Pavani, Raju, Namitha, Chinna ponnu akka and Niroop came forward. Biggboss asked them to select their own teammates for cooking, cleaning, vessel washing, and toilet cleaning without consulting with the rest of the housemates.

Raju immediately selected toilet cleaning ad his responsibility and chose Iman annachi, varun, thamarai and abhishek without any objection.

Namitha took up vessel washing( doing the dishes) and chose her teammates. Suruthi, Madhumitha, Niroop became her teammates.

Niroop withdrew and gave up the cleaning team captaincy to Pavani and she chose Ikky, Nadia, Isaivani and Abhinay for her team.

So far so good. Everyone was talking in tamil except a very few and it was refreshing to see youngsters Akshara, Ikky, Pavani, Varun, Raju, Abhinay, Abhishek mingling very freely without any airs despite their urban backgrounds.

Again the wet toilet issue was raised in this season also, thanks to Priyanka. But it was handled very maturely by Abhinay who was sensible enough not to put names in particular.
The camera seemed to follow Thamarai for most of the time and her raw tamil was delightful and will be appealing to the masses.

Akshara was trying to convey to Thamarai that she was a very positive person who didn’t understand the term “positive.” Raju, Varun tried to translate it in Tamil which was a disaster. ( James Vasanthan will be appalled at hearing their translation🥺). Iman annachi came to their rescue.

The day ended with all of them talking about how long will they be inside the house.

Barking dog has been replaced by gun shooting noise to wake up sleepyheads. Iman annachi was the first victim😄.

Splitsville for Samantha and Nagachaitanya

Source credit Indian express

It is sad to see this cute couple heading for divorce. They have issued a joint statement stating that they will remain friends and cherish their bond as friends.

Sam’s father-in-law actor Nagarjuna has tweeted that ”whatever is happening to Samantha and Chay is very unfortunate and they will always have a place for Sam in their hearts and cherish the time they spent with her as family.

Valaipechu youtube channel Bismi has revealed the reason for the divorce, though both of them have maintained a silence over the issue. For more checkout Bismi’s youtube channel Valaipechu.

It looks like Chay wanted to go the familyway , but Sam was not ready for it yet. Sam’s growing popularity is also one among the reasons for splitsville. Sam understood that and was planning to wrap up all her projects after “Kathuvakkula rendu kadhal”.

But the issue blew up before all this, unfortunately. Chay called in his family members to talk about settlement. The buzz is, Sam declined to accept any settlement from Nagachaitanya.

Though, Tamil audience are not very happy with her portrayal of a tamil porali in a very derogatory way in the webseries, Family man 2, we can’t stop feeling sorry for them both.

Biggboss 5 Tamil

Finally biggboss season 5 has started with all pomp and splendour with show host KamalHasan hosting this 5 th time with all grandeur. The show started quickly with kamalhaasan taking the viewers a detour of the house before the entry of the contestants with the famous background score from his upcoming movie vikram 2.

The contestants are a mixed bag coming from all walks of society, with mostly unfamIiar faces. This time the audience were allowed to sit in seggregated squares so as to follow the social distancing norms.

The swimming pool has been converted into an underground jail, where the contestants will spend their punishment time.

Actor kavin did a performance for the audience.


First came Isaivani from ghana background who seems to be coming from a simple background with lots of hopes and fire in her.

Second came Raju jayamohan, who is a serial actor and a mimicry artist. He has acted in many vijay tv serials and made his debut in movies withw Natpunna ennanu theriyuma. DIrector baghyaraj, wished him good luck.

Third came Madhumitha from Germany, who is a Srilankan tamil by origin, a techie/ model/ fashion designer as quoted by her. she gifted the host with a beautiful designer black tye to kamalhaasan.

Fourth came Abishekraja, a famous youtuber and movie reviewer. he grooved to jayam ravis damalu damalu dumilu dumilu song and entered the house.

Fifth came Namitha Marimuthu, who is also an actor and a model. she is the first transgender to appear in tamil biggboss. she appeared in movies like Nadodigal.

Sixth contestant to appear in the show was none other than the much beloved vijay tv anchor priyanka deshpande. ma. anand and singer benny dayal wishes her good luck. she was very much in her comfort zone and was doing most of the talking before going inside the house.

Seventh contestant to enter the house was Abhinay vaddi, who is the grandson of yesteryear legends gemini ganesan and savithri. kamalhaasan shared a memory of his grandparents gemini mama and savithri amma with abhinay.

Eighth contestant to enter the house was folk singer chinna ponnu . She has many hit songs to her credit.

Ninth contestant to enter the house was vijay tv serial chinna thambi heroine pavani reddy. she shared a few words about her deceased husband who had conmitted suicide and her life after his demise.

Tenth contestant was Nadia chang who is a social media influencer and a tiktoker from malasia. she is a mother of three.

Next came varun who is the grand son of Mr.Isari velan and nephew of Isariganesh. He has acted in movies like Puppy and has an upcoming movie named Joshua.

Imman annachi of kuttychutties fame was the next contestant. Himself, raju and abishek are expected to up the entertainment quotient in the house.

Suruthi and not shruthi, is a sports person turned engineer turned model. she is dusky bold and beautiful.

Akshara reddy was the 14 th contestant to enter the house who is also a paegent winner, model and actor. she has debuted in kannada movies. akshara and suruthi entered the house together like day and night walking together ( one dressed in black and other dressed in pristine white). Those are the names of the children of the host kamalhaasanji.

Ikky berry aka Iykya kamaraj a rap singer and a cosmetologist was the 14 th contestant. with blonde coloured hair and her looks it was difficult to believe that she is from thanjavur. such transformation, thanks to her cosmetology background. She spoke very good thamizh, which was really good to hear from that getup.

Next contestant to enter the house was Thamarai selvi a folk comic artist. The audience got a glimpse of her acting skills in a skit performed by her.

Ciby bhuvana chandran was the last to enter the house. He is a known face to general audience as he has featured in vijay’s Master.

Most of the contestants spoke aloud to themselves for audiences sake I guess, when they entered the house, eventhough no one was around.

Kamalhaasan spoke about Thiru.Gnanakoothan avargal and he chose Gnanakoothan’s kavithaigal as the book of the week.

let’s wait and warch. Looks like a load of fun is ahead for the next 100 days.